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Month: May 2014

Heading Home

  Today I am heading home to Iowa.  My friend is getting married this weekend so I took a few vacation days to hang out with my family. The Mighty Mississippi looks deceptively calm. My day started out bright and early at 4am in Baltimore.  My flights went well, only one short sprint in Chicago O’Hare was necessary.  My sprint did not allow for me to get my favorite Garrett’s Chicago Mix popcorn so I held out for a fabulous Bruegger’s Bagel after I landed. Sundried Tomato bagel with veggie cream cheese for the win! (and coffee because it is necessary Read More

My Last Nature Walk in the Galapagos- North Seymour Island

  It was an early morning in the Galapagos today.  We woke up at 5:30am to see the sun rise and do our last nature walk of the trip. North Seymour Island is very close to Baltra Island and the airport so we were able to get in this walk before heading to the airport at 9am.  Surprisingly, this was one of my favorite nature walks even though it was mostly about the birds.  First we were greeted by some sleepy sea lions. How cute is that furry face!!! Mostly we saw the Magnificent and Great Frigate Birds flying around Read More