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Month: June 2014

Amtrak to Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia is my next destination. I decided to do this trip a little different and try a new mode of transportation- the Amtrak overnight train.  The Silver Meteor train starts in New York and travels to Miami, stopping at many points along the Eastern Seaboard including Baltimore and Savannah. Stained glass ceiling at Baltimore’s Penn Station: The Amtrak to Savannah was supposed to leave Baltimore at 6:14pm which is perfect for not taking a day off work.  Since you don’t have to be at the train station very early (unlike flying), I just shot over in a cab after Read More

Shopping for Travel Cameras

  Let’s talk about shopping for travel cameras today. Cameras and photography was not something I was into until my round-the-world travels began in 2012. The most important things I learned in taking thousands of travel photos since 2012 is that good quality pictures depend on two things 1) good lighting and 2) having the right equipment. (Canon 30D) I travel with 3 different cameras- an SLR, point and shoot, and a waterproof camera.  Technically my iPhone 5s is my fourth camera but only if my other ones are not available. Each of these cameras has their place in travel Read More