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2015- My Travel Year in Review

I love making lists and goals and looking back on them to see my accomplishments and reflect on my successes and failures. Having travel goals is more fun in that you can reflect on the many experiences and memories you gained throughout the year. I truly believe that travel makes you a smarter, more tolerant, adventurous, and kind person- all of which should be your ultimate goals in life. Traveling just helps you get there. Every January I make new travel goals to expand my horizons and take me out of my comfort zone. Goals for my 2015 travel year included visiting exciting new places and seeing friends and family. I met most of my goals and missed a few but overall my travel in 2015 was a good effort.

Sydney Opera House Me

Goal 1: Visit 1 new state.  Accomplished?  Yes!!!!

IMG_6236 (2)

In August I took the Vermonter train from Baltimore to St. Albans, Vermont to check out the gorgeous scenery of the Northeastern state, drink some craft beers, and hike the Missisquoi Valley Trail. It was a fun, little weekend.

Goal 2: Visit 5 new countries. Accomplished? Not quite

Bora Bora beach break

My new countries visited this year include Japan, Fiji, Tonga, and New Caledonia. I missed it by 1. So close!

Goal 3: Do 3 big trips. Accomplished? Not quite

IMG_6461 (2)

2015 was the year of 2 big trips and a lot of medium trips of about 1 week. My big trips were to amazing Japan (which exceeded my expectations and was absolutely wonderful despite the typhoon) and the South Pacific cruise which included Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia, Tonga, and Australia. You cannot go wrong with a trip to Tahiti.

Floating in Bora Bora:

Bora Bora jet ski swimming

Goal 4: Small trips to Finger Lakes Region,  NY, Richmond, VA, and Myrtle Beach. Accomplished? Not really

IMG_2223 (2)

I did make it to the Finger Lakes and it turned into a week long string of delicious food, wine, and outdoor activities. I’m glad we didn’t cram it into a long weekend and took the time to enjoy Lake Keuka, Watkins Glen, and Corning Museum of Glass (where they let you glass blow!).

IMG_6032 (2)

I did not make it to Richmond or Myrtle Beach so back on the to-do list they go. I didn’t do a lot of US states or small trips because this summer I opted-in to getting a beach house with my friends in Dewey Beach, Delaware. Our pad was right on the beach block and was amazing. I love the beach!


Some of the other fun travel I did took me to the Florida Keys for a friends wedding, Arizona to see family and watch my football team, the Women in Travel Summit in Boston, two trips to New York City, the Travel Blogger conference in Fort Lauderdale, a Thanksgiving Caribbean cruise with my family, Christmas in the desert, and riding my bike across Iowa on RAGBRAI.

IMG_0073 (2)

My travel year kept me busy but I hope to do more fun, adventurous travel in 2016! Stay tuned for more!

Reader Question: What were your 2015 travel goals? Did you accomplish them?


8 thoughts on “2015- My Travel Year in Review

  1. Wow, so much travel! That’s impressive that you made it to 4 new countries in a year. My plans for 2016 include Iceland and (maybe) costa rica, which would be 2 new countries for me.

  2. Even though you didn’t accomplish all of your travel goals, you have visited some incredible places! I think it’s a good thing to not be strictly adhered to a plan and be spontaneous and it looks like you’ve found a way to balance both. Hope you have a great 2016 with lots of fun travels ahead!

  3. I would love to really travel, but what is so hard is that I would want to share it with my husband, so we aren’t going to be doing that for a while! Doctor life. And right now we are saving. But when I do travel, I think it is so important to soak up as much of that life as you can. Give yourself over the process, and see what happen!

  4. I love a “year in review” post…both others and the fact that for my own I get to look back on all the fun I had. It looks like you had tons of fun! Kudos!

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