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Month: June 2018

Flying Around Juneau, Alaska

Today I did the most amazing thing ever- took a floatplane over at least 6 glaciers. The floatplane glacier tour left from the main harbor in Juneau and took us over such amazing scenery. It is common to see 5 glaciers on this tour but we were able to see a few more (including Wright Glacier) because the weather was so clear. We flew on Wings Airline from the harbor directly in front of Juneau. Taking off and landing was very smooth. I had never been on a float plane before so I did not know what to expect. Pre-takeoff Read More

Haines, Alaska

Never had I heard the name Haines, Alaska before booking this trip so I had few expectations about the town. 90% of your Alaska experience is based on the weather and we had the most perfect, beautiful afternoon in Haines. The morning was filled with rain and fog that covered all this beautiful scenery. Luckily I had booked a kayaking tour on Chilkoot Lake in the afternoon and not the morning! Chilkoot Lake Recreation Area is about a 10 minute drive outside Haines along a very bumpy road. We saw many bald eagles and their nests but didn’t see any Read More