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Build Me a Campervan

Tiny homes are the newest housing craze as seen on HGTV, FYI, and DIY television channels. A lot of them are build on a trailer to tow around for traveling but that just seems difficult. For the travel bug in me, a campervan is probably a better idea. Last fall BC and I rented a colorful Jucy campervan to roadtrip though 7 US states and 12 National Parks. We had such a great experience that I am obsessed with the idea of him building me a campervan.


Full size campers and trailers can be really big, hard to find a camping site for, and are terrible on gas mileage. Most National Parks have far fewer sites for the giant mobile homes so to really stay in nature, the smaller and more economical campervan just makes sense. I could probably be convinced to tow around an Airstream but that would be my second choice.


BC actually is renting one of these big vans for a project right now. He gave me a ride to a 10K race this weekend. Right after I hopped in the front seat, I was like “Whoa, this would make a great campervan for us!” He agreed. Not to actually build it but that it would be awesome. It is tall enough to stand up in!


Pinterest and Instagram are filled with campervan designs, ideas, and actual campervans. I’m obsessed with searching for the ones that would fit my idea of fun and comfortable.


One thing I learned from our Jucy campervan month was that it would be nice to stand up inside the van. Getting dressed at the campsite required laying down on the bed to pull up my pants- not ideal. I think one of the Sprinter vans or Ford vans with extra headroom would work out well.

The mini-van was great for a shorter trip. Just park in nature= instant relaxation!

IMG_8594 (2)

All I need is a tiny fridge, some dishes, and a hotplate. This little kitchen in our Jucy, we only used part of during our month-long trip. We never used the sink and only one hotplate once.  Red wine and Doritos need no fridge or cooking Smile


Once I’m in my newly-constructed campervan the plan would be to visit my 2 remaining states- North Dakota (and Theodore Roosevelt National Park located there) and Oklahoma as well as a lengthy summer trip throughout Western Canada- Vancouver, Victoria, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, and more. Also a return trip to Glacier National Park!

IMG_7901 (1)

So what do you think? Would you prefer a tiny house trailer, normal sized camper, mega-camper, campervan, or a tent? Where would you take your newly build/purchased vehicle?

2 thoughts on “Build Me a Campervan

  1. I hadn’t even heard of camper vans before! I agree, being able to stand up inside would definitely be key 🙂 That was one of Mike’s requirements when we were shopping for a tent…he wanted one he could stand up inside.

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