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Last Day in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Our last full day in Gulf Shores was all about thunderstorms. A huge storm system moved our way and we ended up with flickering power throughout the night. Mom and I decided to go shopping at Tanger Outlets in Foley, Alabama since the beach was not a good option. But the best thing we did was have lunch at Lamberts. I’ve seen it featured on the Food Network or Travel Channel before so I was excited about trying it.

IMG_9353 (2)

Lamberts is well-known for their homemade buns that may or may not be thrown at you when you ask for one. I put some sorghum (molasses) on mine and it was divine. Mom tried black eyed peas for the first time and I had some fried okra on a napkin.

IMG_9351 (2)

Some of the servers at Lamberts walk around and add fried okra, black eyed peas, macaroni and tomato, fried potatoes, apple butter, and sorghum to your plates if you are feeling like you need more. Unlimited amounts! But you won’t need much of them.  This was our haul of food:

IMG_9358 (2)

I was trying to order light and got the chicken salad, served with crackers. But after the potatoes, fried okra, homemade rolls, baked beans and coleslaw (my sides), I was stuffed to the gills.

IMG_9381 (2)

The rain let up for a bit and I went to the beach to read my book. (short book review: Everything is Illuminated is a really good, strange book. It does jump around a lot and has some peculiar but awesome characters. Not what I consider an easy read but it considered a modern day classic). I almost had the place to myself except for a group of beach goers a few condo buildings away.

IMG_9379 (2)

I ended up seeing 4 lifeguards pull out a swimmer from that group caught in a rip current. It was all very exciting and everyone was fine. (Way down there was the commotion)

IMG_9382 (2)

The wind was pretty fierce so my time on the gorgeous white sand beach of Gulf Shores came to an end.

My motto on this windy beach vacation:

IMG_9374 (2)

No one was hungry for dinner after the Lambert’s extravaganza so we grabbed some oysters at the Original Oyster House. We split an order of the chargrilled parmesan and garlic oysters and they were yummy!

IMG_9376 (2)

The next stop on our Alabama roadtrip is Montgomery, Alabama to see some important Civil Rights Historical sights and learn more about the amazing Rosa Parks.

Reader Question: What fun things have you eaten recently? Chargrilled oysters are at the top of my list recently- along with all this Southern deliciousness!

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  1. Looks like you had a relaxing last day! Lambert’s is definitely a place I need to try, and I bet chilling on the beach after all that food was amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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