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Bariloche, Argentina

Feel Free to ShareBariloche is a gem of a place, a vacation destination for Argentinians, and a destination to add to your bucket list. Bariloche is part of Nahuel Huapi National Park and is known for its amazing lake and mountain views, skiing, hiking, rafting, biking, and chocolate shops. People come to Bariloche year round and it is not hard to see why. I wish we had had more time to experience all Bariloche has to offer. After an 18 hour bus ride from Mendoza we arrived in Bariloche. Luckily there were fairly comfy seats and wine on the bus. Read More

White Water Rafting- Bariloche, Argentina

Feel Free to ShareWhite water rafting can be such an adventure. I’ve rafted in Peru, Costa Rica, and the United States on previous trips and was excited to get to raft in Argentina as well. Class III/IV rapids are fairly big but were not too rough on my group. I’m the one above with bunny ears. The rafting outfit we were participating in was a good 2 hours drive from Bariloche, the mountain/lake town in the Lakes District section of Argentina, very close to the border with Chile. Even the gas stations have good views here! On our second run Read More