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Moorea- Day 1 and 2

Feel Free to Share  Hi everyone- I didn’t post anything yesterday because we had a gigantic storm roll in and there wasn’t a lot going on to take pictures. Yesterday before the storm we went catamaran riding and snorkeling.  I’m not a big snorkeling fan so it was only okay.  But still much better than going to work so I’ll take it any day 🙂 Moorea before the storm The storm is rolling in. What do you do when its raining in paradise?  Drink!  And make flower necklaces with Tahitian ladies. One of the best things about the ship we Read More

Bora Bora- Day 2

Feel Free to Share  Today Mom and I saw the whole island of Bora Bora on a wave runner.  It was really fun!  My pictures are lacking because you can’t really take pictures while driving a wave runner.   Mom didn’t want to drive so I led the team. We got to see all the Bora Bora fancy hotels up close and personal. Someday but probably never will I get to stay at one of the overwater hotels.  It would be pretty great though! Mom and the fancy overwater hotel (I think the St. Regis).  The water was pretty shallow Read More