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Bled, Slovenia

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+TumblrStumbleUponemailBled (pronounced Blade) is a lake resort town in Slovenia.  It has a giant lake in the center with a 3 mile walking path around it.  The walk was very pretty.  We climbed the giant hill to the castle and ate some of the desserts which were supposed to be famous. We started off doing the walk around the lake. The castle had a wine cellar where you could bottle your own wine.  I have a tiny suitcase so no wine for me.  Josh got some though.  He got to bottle it, cork it, and put wax Read More

Julian Alps- A recap

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinGoogle+TumblrStumbleUponemailYesterday we drove a long way through the Julian Alps.  The way up was great- 24 hairpin turns to the top.  The top was about 5285 feet.  Some crazy bikers climb the whole thing.   We spoke to a few going up the mountain. Indeed, they to declared themselves insane, never to do this again. The roads through the Julian Alps were super narrow.  Almost back down in the Soca River Valley, we got sideswiped by an oncoming van who was too wide for his lane.  The poor side mirror is completely busted.  My pregnant sister went running off Read More