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I went to Spacecamp!

Did you want to go to Spacecamp as a kid? Is space something you love learning about? As an adult all of my childhood dreams came true when I was able to go to Adult Spacecamp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. A group of bloggers from the TBEX North America convention, held this year in Huntsville, were able to go to Spacecamp and experience the awesomeness that is Adult Spacecamp and learning more about the United States space exploration past and future. First up we were assigned to our posts. I volunteered for the coveted Read More

The Volcano and Montserrat

Montserrat was a quaint, Caribbean island visited by celebrities and wealthy tourists up until 1995. 1995 was a life-changing year for the people, culture, and landscape of Montserrat as this was the year the Soufriere Hills volcano suddenly erupted completely destroying the capital city of Plymouth (with ash, not lava flow) and subsequently bringing Montserrat’s economy to a complete standstill. Before: (photo credit) Another eruption in 1997 again sent residents running and eventually population was more than halved as residents relocated across the Caribbean. The exclusion zone, where no one is allowed to pass without police permission, covers half of Read More