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Sitka, Alaska

Alaska is beautiful!Today we were in the town of Sitka, Alaska of Northern Exposure fame. A 26 mile bike ride doesn’t sound like vacation to a lot of people but it says vacation to me. Three brave souls from our ship signed up for the Advanced Bike Ride tour (two of us were named Andrea, clearly a name synonymous with adventure) and ended up having quite a few hilarious stories after all was said and done. Sitka is a huge town, spread out and bigger than New York City, though the population is only 8800. We rode to Old Sitka Read More

Think Cold Thoughts

Baltimore is on Day 4 of 98+ degree heat (not including heat index)- all of my clothes have see-through-sweat and my eyelids are melting to my eyes. I’ve already eaten all the ice cream in the land with my head stuck in the freezer so I’m taking myself back to chillier, snowier times and thinking cold thoughts. My sister used to live in Alaska so there was the vacation where we did family dog-sledding. It was so cold my brother got frostbite on his feet. Smartly, I sat in the middle smushed between my mom and brother. You can almost Read More