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Tag: Arizona

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m in the warm section of the United States, Phoenix, Arizona,  enjoying 77 degrees today while most of my friends and family are shivering in other parts of the country. BC and I took a New Year’s Day hike through Apache Wash Basin in our shorts and t-shirts, checking out the cacti. A hike was necessary for burning off our giant New Year’s Day brunch from Black Bear Diner. The California omelet (avocado, mushroom, and cheese), a biscuit, and hash browns for me! I may have also stolen a piece of bacon from BC’s enormous breakfast Read More

Feeling hot, hot, hot in Phoenix

My weekend in Phoenix was spent indoors, at waterparks, pools, and movie theatres- anywhere that could provide some relief from the hot, hot, hot Phoenix sun! Luckily I have some cute nieces and nephew to go swimming with me as we had a fun family weekend visit with Aunt Andrea! Post-pool selfie: I flew to Phoenix Friday night and my non-stop flight actually arrived 30 minutes early! How crazy- that never happens anymore! The Phoenix airport arrivals area is usually a madhouse and the worst so I hoofed it up to departures and had my sister pick me up there. Read More