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Culture Shock/The Journey to Russia

  From the archives….found this post is my Windows Live Writer draft list.  It is really fun to remember this now! (I wrote this post the day of our arrival to Russia, however I am not posting it until I leave Russia) A lot of people ask me about how different other countries are from our own.  Usually my reply is that everything is fine, no big deal, things are different, not wrong but different.  And that is very true.  However the first time you experience a new country particularly one that is poorer than your own, there is a Read More

2012 travel- a year of travel in review

  A year of travel is over. My yearly stats have been added up and I was on vacation 125 days this year (34% of the year).  That to me, is awesome.  Hopefully in 2013 it will be a similar number.  But before 2013 resolutions and plans, it is fun to look back on the years’ travels and make a Best/Worst list.  Here is my review of 2012 travels: Best and worst sight:  Angkor Wat (best).  Angkor Wat has been on my bucket list for years.  It was worth the wait.  Go to Cambodia (if you are adventurous)! Read about Read More