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Tower of London- Tower Bridge

Seeing the sights in London can be an expensive thing! Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London all cost between $20-35 USD to gain entrance. Out of the three main London attractions I wanted to see the Tower of London, the point of conflict, power, opulence, and death over the centuries. The Tower of London is not really a tower but a complex fort with gates and buildings strategically placed along the Thames River. Most famously, it is known as the place of beheadings of the wives of Henry VIII but was built long before that in Read More

Along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh is really a special strip of road to wander into Scottish history. At one end of the Royal Mile stands the magnificent Edinburgh Castle with Holyrood Palace at the other end. This morning we explored Holyrood Palace and it’s Abbey. Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh stay here when in the city. The audiotour is free! (once you pay for entry) and gives pretty good information about the building, the current royal family, and the royals and other notables that have previously called Holyrood Palace home.  They don’t allow photos inside the palace, bummer. Read More