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Hiking Rano Kao Trail to Orongo, Easter Island

After hiking through Patagonia, I felt little need to get much exercise.Easter Island does have a few hikes but the heat, humidity, and smallness of the island leave little in the way of hiking. Rano Kao is the name of an extinct volcano and is the trail that leads from Mataveri section of Easter Island (also the name of the airport) to Orongo, the ancient village. The hike up the volcano is pretty steep with only a bit of shade at the beginning. There are benches along the trail but there are also a lot of cows. They were not Read More

Flying into Easter Island

Easter Island is approximately 1300 miles from the nearest island (Pitcairn Island) and 2200 miles away from mainland of South America (Chile).  Ever since 7th grade social studies class when our textbooks had a picture of the Maoi statues on the cover have I been wanting to come to Easter Island. Bright and early I rose from the Holiday Inn Santiago Airport Hotel and hopped on a domestic 5 hour flight on LATAM from Santiago to Rapa Nui (native name)/ Easter Island (English name)/Isla de Pascua (Spanish name). Easter Island is a trip you have to prepare for as there Read More