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5 Places to Visit In September

Have you heard? Airfares are set to be the lowest they have been in a long time.  Now is the time to plan and book your September getaway. Whether you are in the mood for a family getaway, a romantic trip for 2, or a me-vacation; here are my picks for 5 places to visit in September. 1) Oregon Coast The Pacific Coast in Oregon is a beautiful drive to make in September. Last year Mom and I did this drive, starting in Astoria all the way to Coos Bay, before cutting inland to Bend and Crater Lake. In September Read More

Mystical Sites Around the World

    The following post is written in conjunction with Holiday Lettings: Enigmatic places have inspired travellers for centuries. Holiday Lettings rounds up some sacred spots to which we’re mysteriously, cosmically drawn… Easter Island This remote volcanic island is the world’s most celebrated but least visited archaeological site. It’s history blended with myth, thousands of miles from anywhere and scattered with nearly 900 giant stone heads. Who carved the figures? How did they move them around the island? What became of this civilisation? Speculate on a visit to Rano Raraku, the quarry for the statues’ stone – the semi-carved figures there Read More