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Food Tours in Quebec City

Most of my time in Quebec City was spent eating and drinking, two ways to really get to know a new city. I did one food city tour and a farm and market tour on Ile de Orleans because the weather was horrible and while we did have to walk between stops in the rain, the drinks warmed us and food comforted. Rainy skies from my hotel room window. Quebec City has a French flair to it’s cuisine obviously but it also is very Canadian too. Poutine is the food I think of when I think of Canadian food. While Read More

Rano Raraku, Easter Island

Rano Raraku was my favorite Moai sight on Easter Island. Hundreds of unfinished Moai are spread across the landscape along trails for an easy walking tour. Rano Raraku actually refers to the now extinct volcano where the people of Rapa Nui carved their monolithic statues before moving them around the island. The Moai found around the base of Rano Raraku are still in the stages before completion, looking different than most Moai around the island. Tourists can take a walk through the hillside and get up and close for some great photos. My suggestion if you ever do this hike Read More