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Tag: Galapagos

Underwater Safari in the Galapagos

  Snorkeling in the Galapagos was amazing! The underwater Galapagos wildlife was really something to see.  Despite multiple back/back of legs sunburns from these snorkeling excursions (will I ever learn?!), the twice daily swims were my favorite parts of the trip. Another couple I was with had a Go Pro underwater camera system.  While the pictures were great, their system leaked and busted the camera (sad face!).  I love, love, love my underwater camera! Fujifilm XP70 16 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD (Blue) I like the fish that look like they are wearing make-up. This is a ringtail damselfish: Read More

Giant Land Tortoise Time

Santa Cruz Island is one of the few inhabited islands of the Galapagos Islands.  Boutique hotels, scuba diving centers, little shops, and restaurants dot the main street.  At one end of the town is The Charles Darwin Giant Land Tortoise Conservatory.  Here they breed all the different types of land tortoises from all over the Galapagos. Baby tortoise: Lonesome George was the most famous land tortoise of all time.  He was the last surviving animal of the Pinta Island species found a decade after they had last thought to have had died out.  They searched the Galapagos and the world Read More