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Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

Hello from the great state of Iowa! I just had to escape the hot, humid Maryland weather so I booked a flight to see my mom and brother in Iowa (and eat taco pizza!). I missed all the crazy rain and flooding near Baltimore this weekend and instead had beautiful 80 degree weather to spend with the family. Recently Mom and I were discussing our lack of Presidential Library visits. This seemed un-American of us so we made the trip to Iowa’s only President’s hometown, West Branch, Iowa, home of Herbert Hoover. These days his house would be considered a Read More

RAGBRAI 2015- The Food Wrap-Up

Hungry stomachs beware!!!! This is an epic food post. When riding your bike 60+ miles per day, you are burning a lot of calories in the hot and steamy, summer sun. Food is essential to keep pedaling those feet along RAGBRAI and it at some point, the only thing keeping you pedaling. Here is my list for the must-eat foods along RAGBRAI: #1 food you must eat on RAGBRAI (or in Iowa): The Pork Tenderloin Pork Tenderloins are the best sandwiches in Iowa by far. Maid-Rite loose meat sandwiches are good but the pork tenderloin is where it is at. There are Read More