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A Taliesin West Tour

A Taliesin West tour is the only way to see the Taliesin West grounds in Scottsdale, Arizona. Taliesin West is a current architecture school founded by Frank Lloyd Wright in the Arizona desert in 1933. The school moved back and forth between Arizona and Wisconsin with the seasons and semi permanent structures are still used for student housing, dotting the Taliesin West grounds in Scottsdale today. Any tourist wishing to visit, must be on a Taliesin West tour.  Once when tickets were sold out I tried to sneak in for a few peeks but it was a no-go. No freebies Read More

Tower of London- Tower Bridge

Seeing the sights in London can be an expensive thing! Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tower of London all cost between $20-35 USD to gain entrance. Out of the three main London attractions I wanted to see the Tower of London, the point of conflict, power, opulence, and death over the centuries. The Tower of London is not really a tower but a complex fort with gates and buildings strategically placed along the Thames River. Most famously, it is known as the place of beheadings of the wives of Henry VIII but was built long before that in Read More