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Tag: Scotland

Evening in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of those cities I can visit and never get tired of strolling along the sidewalks. It is a fairly condensed city with most of the great sights in Old Town or New Town. The old stone buildings and streets in Old Town, and particularly the Royal Mile,  make for some grandiose viewing and gives the feeling of being in a different era. BC and I arrived at the Edinburgh train station after dropping off our rental car in Stirling- cheaper and less city driving on the opposite side of the road (for us). We stayed at the Read More

Rainy Day at Loch Ness

Scotland is not known for it’s gorgeous weather so five days into our Scotland vacation with mostly sunny skies, we knew our luck had run out weather-wise. We traveled from Isle of Skye to western side of Loch Ness through downpours which miraculously lightened up when we arrived at Urquhart Castle. Urquhart Castle has a tumultuous history with long periods of war, raids, with its inhabitants eventually blowing up the place and leaving forever. A very strange story for sure. But really we came here because Urquhart Castle gives a good vantage of Loch Ness and possibly it’s mysterious monster- Read More