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Rainy Day in Moorea

Today we were supposed to stop at the first island on our cruise itinerary- Moorea.  I’ve been here once before and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans and flooded the pier.  The ship was unable to tender in any passengers so we were stuck on the ship all day. Zero visibility in paradise It was raining so hard that there were waterfalls coming down the mountainsides- not normal.  There are not generally waterfalls here, so much rain has caused some mudslides on Moorea as well.  It was best we didn’t stop but I was very bummed. When Read More

Sunset in Tahiti at the Intercontinental Papeete

After some fun in the burning-hot-Tahitian sun, nights at the Intercontinental Hotel in Papeete are very low key.  Food in Tahiti is very expensive so we eat a lot of granola bars, bananas from the market, and food from the local stands. One meal a day my mom and I try to eat out without spending a fortune. This is what a $28 Caesar salad with seared tuna looks like: We split it and had an amazing carmel and coconut ice cream sundae with bananas and Tahitian vanilla rum sauce. $14 worth of ice cream that was well-worth it! After Read More