10 things to do between vacations


As much as most of us would like to be on vacation permanently, it just isn’t realistic. When I am in-between vacations I still stay in the traveler mindset to keep myself sane at my desk. Here is a list of 10 things to do between vacations to keep exploring and even plan your next vacation despite working your 9 to 5 job.


Baltimore’s Inner Harbor boats

1) Look at airfare to your bucket list destinations.

10 Things to do between vacations airfare search

Knowledge of price points for South America, Africa, Europe and more can help you figure out when is the best time to visit.  Sometimes airfare to Australia is upwards of $2000 but when you see prices for $1300 you know that the time to travel there should be sooner than later.  The Galapagos was on my bucket list since the beginning but I was waiting for a sale.  It took 2 years but I made it.  Bucharest, Romania was never officially on my list until American Air had a mistake on flight prices and tickets dropped to $400-500.  Sold!  I’m going to Romania.

Sometimes prices help plan what you check of the list next.

2) Explore your hometown!

10 Things to do between vacations Preakness

Preakness in Baltimore

I’ve written about this before (see links below) but exploring what your city has to offer is cost effective while you are doing things you probably should have done already. Check out festivals, new restaurants, museums, boat rides, monuments, and more.






Honfest in Baltimore

3) Weekend trips to the beach, lake, river, mountain, historical sight, nearby big city.

10 Things to do between vacations Philadelphia Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA

Once you have explored your own city, head to the next city over.  After Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, DC are the next closest big cities full of activities and sights to see. My family and friends in Iowa should head to the Mississippi River for some boating, museums in Des Moines, sports games in Iowa City, minor league baseball games, the local farmers market, and new restaurants popping up everywhere.

10 Things to do between vacations Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Davenport, Iowa

4) Read travel books and travel guides

Get inspired by reading The Alchemist, Under the Tuscan Sun, Wild, or Frommer’s Travel Guide to Oregon.  Whatever floats your boat.

5) Work on your fitness goals and clean up your diet.

10 Things to do between vacations Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor- a great place for a run or long walk.

Traveling is all about trying new foods.  Sometimes that is not so good for the waistline.  Jump back into healthy eating when you return.  The same goes for fitness.  If you climb Kilimanjaro you are probably okay but two weeks on Safari in Africa when you are being driven around puts on the pounds pretty quickly.  It is not like you can go for a run in the middle of the Serengeti!

Sign up for a race when you get back home. I like Mud Runs and any race my friends will do with me.

10 Things to Do between vacations mud run

6) Cook up your favorite new travel foods.

10 Things to Do between vacations Baltimore Ze Mean Bean

Spaetzle and Goulash from the Eastern European restaurant Ze Mean Bean Café in Baltimore

I’m not much of a cook but I’ve added Pad Thai and stir-fry to my cooking repertoire based on what I liked eating on my travels..

7) Make some money and start saving for your next adventure.

10 Things to do between vacation wine festival

Outdoor Picnic with friends- free and fun!

Travelers learn very quickly that buying stuff at Target can be fun but you’d rather spend an extra day in Thailand or be able to buy that fabulous Italian leather purse in Florence. Save that money for travel rather than buying $200 in stuff you didn’t really need.

8) Do something with your travel photos.

10 things to do betwen vacations Fracture Me

I blog and use my travel photos that way but many just get uploaded to a hard drive or Facebook and then forgotten.  Why not pick the best 1 or 2 shots and make FractureMe photos with them.  I will soon have mine hanging in the bathroom so every time I brush my teeth I will be inspired by my own travels.  And it will look great!

Click here to learn more about these photos: FractureMe


9) Go camping!

Borrow your friend’s tent.  Pack and air mattress and some hot dogs.  Camping is cheap and fun.  Explore local parks and hike for exercise.

Hiking in Maine:


10) Clean out your closet

When you return from vacation, this is the best time to go through your closet and clutter to determine what you really do/do not need.  Did you survive 3 weeks without a plethora of belts, jewelry, 50 shirts, and 25 pairs of jeans?  You will probably survive at home without that much stuff too.

Most importantly, have fun between travels.  Don’t burrow (unless there is a snowstorm) and keep exploring what your part of the world has to offer.

I hope these 10 things to do between vacations keeps you busy before you head out into the world again.


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  1. Courtney says:

    Romania!!! So exciting!

  2. Megan says:

    Josh will be very jealous about Romania. That was very high on his travel list and we never made it while we were over there.

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