15 Things about Me- Travel Edition

It is snowing buckets outside my window while I pack for my next destination- Guadeloupe! A new destination to explore, a place to warm up my blood and work on my pasty winter complexion. In the meantime, here is a fun post- 15 things about me and my travels:

1) I’ve been to 78 countries of the World and 44 states in the United States


2) My second international trip my best friend and I were locked out of our apartment in Florence on arrival from the US and slept in a random hallway of an apartment building- not our own. We used my bath towel as a blanket and our backpacks as our pillows. I did not tell my mother this for a long time.

Years later, I returned to the scene, my Florence apartment door in Piazza San Lorenzo:


3) I have a great sense of direction and was once lost in Barcelona for hours because my group would not listen to me. My mother has the worst sense of direction- whatever way she thinks, we do the opposite. She knows it too, so its okay! 🙂


4) I turned down a trip to China a few years ago because the group was going to be spending 2 weeks in the smoggiest city in China. Smoggy China leads to coughing non-stop, black phlegm, and an overall sense of ickiness.

A not-smoggy section of China (Longmen Grottoes):

China- Longmen Grottoes Mallene and I

5) My sister used to live in Germany which was the coolest for having a home base in Europe. While backpacking around, I could stop and do laundry and steal my sister’s clothes when bored with my own threads.

She also took me to Oktoberfest with my nephew:

Caden Oktoberfest

6) I secretly wish I could find a travel buddy that wanted to backpack with me through South America or Europe- I’m not picky (except the smoggiest city in China).

Australia Kangaroo

7) There have been long discussions in my house about buying an RV and road-tripping through the United States. BC wants to win the lottery first, I just want to go for it. We tentatively had decided on RV-ing out West in September.

8) I don’t eat breakfast unless it is included in the hotel price or I’m in New York City and can have an everything bagel. Maybe a delicious looking donut could tempt me too.

IMG_2352 (2)

9) Sleeping on planes is not easy because I’m terrified of flying- someone has to stay awake and will the plane to stay in the sky.

Sydney Quantas A380

10) I much prefer cold than hot. I can always put on more clothes but I can’t take it all off (and not get arrested). Some people glisten when they sweat, I turn tomato red.

11) My bedtime would be at 8pm every night if I could- especially on vacation.  Sunset—> Bed

Sunset in Manzanita, Oregon:

Manzanita Sunset

12) I survive the winter only by going somewhere warm for part of it- Guadeloupe next week, followed by Kauai!!!

13) To save money to travel, I eat a lot of peanut butter toast for dinner at home.  Also eating a lot of chips, farmers market fruit, and Diet Coke for dinner on the road saves a lot of $$$ for the next trip.

Rambutans in Tahiti:

TahitiIsland 029

14) I went cliff jumping in Greece once. It gave me severe vertigo for about 15 minutes.  Never again!

15) Also in Greece, I got lost going from the front desk to my room after checking into The Pink Palace. in Corfu They gave out shots of Ouzo when you checked-in. Don’t drink Ouzo on an empty stomach- lesson learned!

Greek Cruise 130 (2)

Those were my 15 things about me- travel edition. How about you?

Reader question: What is one travel story you’ve never told your parents?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Your travel photos are beautiful! We’re not generally big breakfast eaters on vacation either. It’s a good way to save some money. Have fun in Guadeloupe 🙂

  2. What a great post! You have gone so many places!
    I couldn’t do much traveling when I was younger and am trying to catch up now!

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