2 days in Cleveland


Hello from Cleveland!  A quick and cheap, one hour Southwest flight from Baltimore brought us to Ohio.  The Baltimore Ravens are playing Cleveland Browns and my friends decided to do a quick 2 days in Cleveland to see the game and to see my awesome friend Megan.

2 days in Cleveland Ravens tailgate

She is a Browns fan clearly and a lot of fun.  She willingly hung out at a Ravens tailgate all morning in the freezing cold.  We did provide her beer and food for her troubles 🙂

2 days in Cleveland Ravens tailgate friends

Sharon will make her behave.

2 Days in Cleveland Ravens/Browns

90% of the Browns fans were nice to us.  The other 10% were those awful people who probably were bullies in their elementary schools and are in desperate need of a hug.  If people ever wonder why bullying is widespread in schools, just go to an away game of your favorite team.  Adults being bullies at its finest.

2 days in Cleveland Ravens

The Ravens won 25-15- luckily, so we weren’t harassed on the way out too much.  It was also about 35 degrees the whole time.  The cold weather Iowa blood I used to have is out of practice and the Maryland blood I now have makes me wimpy with cold weather.  We wrapped ourselves up in our Ravens banner for warmth.

The walk home brought us by the stamp.

2 days in Cleveland giant stamp

A giant rubber hand stamp statue that said FREE (it is the worlds largest rubber stamp).  It reminded me of the random statues and sculptures in Chicago.  BC made up a story that the building behind the stamp was the last nightclub in Cleveland not to charge a cover.

We ended up warming up in a nice, cozy, Italian place called Broccio and ordering pasta and pizza.  The pizza was all mine and very good!

2 days in Cleveland Italian dinner

More from Cleveland tomorrow.

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