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Year: 2012

Thailand vacation wrap up- from 10 to 1

  Are you ready for my Cambodia and Thailand Vacation wrap up post? November is not the most exciting month for me- especially when my beloved Iowa Hawkeye football team is doing terrible.  This year I decided a long trip in November would be just right.  I came up with the Thailand and Cambodia idea because I have always wanted to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia and I like beaches so why not add Thailand! Angkor Wat did not disappoint.  It was so well preserved, massive, and old.  Definitely one of the top 5 sights I have ever visited. Instead Read More

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is the area of Southeast Asia where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet.  Historically it is known as the epicenter of the opium trade.  These days, more of a tourist destination and gateway to neighboring countries especially now that Myanmar (or Burma) has begun letting more tourists in to see the sights. In the picture above, Myanmar is the pointed land on the left, Laos is on the right side of the river and I’m standing in Thailand. This is most of my group: We had to climb a huge hill with a hundreds of steps so not Read More