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Month: November 2014

Café Du Monde and Court of Two Sisters

Today will be known as as the Day of Food on this New Orleans trip.  The morning started off at Café du Monde right off Jackson Square and the Mississippi River.  The line to sit was huge so we walked behind the restaurant to the take-out line. The take-out line allows you to order coffee, beignets, beignet mix, and soda- which is perfect. A word of warning: the coffee is the chicory kind so it is super-strong.  I ended up with my own order of beignets (they come in threes). One order is definitely enough for two people- the fried Read More

Absinthe in Jackson Square

After a good sleep-in following our night on Bourbon Street, we woke up for some brunch, shopping, and exploring Jackson Square. Our original brunch choice was Stanley had a 90 minute wait so we popped into NOLA Grille. A counter diner, it hit the spot while being nice to our budgets.  The best part was the butter is a squirt bottle. Holy crap you could feel your cholesterol rising by just being near the stuff.  My friends used it on their waffles and toast.  My omelet didn’t need any butter so I didn’t get to experience its awesomeness. We wandered Read More