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Month: January 2015

Bora Bora Scuba Diving

Today I got to go on a 2 tank scuba diving expedition in the crystal clear waters off Bora Bora. This Oceania cruise does not offer scuba diving as an excursion at any port (this first cruise I’ve run into with this problem) so I had to find my own excursion. The company I ended up with is Bora Bora Dive.  After they picked me up by boat in the Viatape port, we went directly to the first dive site.  The first dive was outside of the reef that surrounds Bora Bora so we could see some sharks. Unfortunately that Read More

Bora Bora Jet ski Tour

The weather has improved! Jet skiing in Bora Bora was on the agenda today. I found  Maitra Jet Ski company online and decided to book directly through them prior to embarkation. One thing about the Oceania cruise line I do not like is that the side trips or excursion are outrageously priced.  It would have cost us $200 more per person to do a similar tour.  No thanks! Doing port research ahead of time can save a lot of money, especially in the more expensive ports like Bora Bora. After we got picked up at the pier, we were taken Read More