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Month: October 2015

TBEX Ft Lauderdale- TBEX North America 2015

Last year I commented that TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) is a great conference to get into the same room with like-minded people who enjoy traveling 90 days out of the year, who spend their money on travel, who accrue miles and points like it is their job. This year, TBEX Ft Lauderdale was no different. Unfortunately the weather was not great for half of the conference- it rained during our walking tour and kept us inside for one of our outdoor night events.  Holy humid Batman! Last year in Cancun I was able to sneak out and hang out in the Read More

Phoenix and Apache Wash Hiking

Hello from Phoenix! The weather is getting cooler at my home base in Baltimore so BC and I headed out to warmer, dryer, and desert-like pastures. My new niece Cassie was super excited to meet me and give me the stink eye for looking so much like her mom but not actually being her mom. She was totally confused for a while. My other niece and nephew were super-excited to climb all over BC during all moments of the day (including at 6am when we were sleeping). Our other reason for the trip was for Monday Night Football- the Baltimore Read More