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Month: February 2016

Eating in Basse Terre and Malendure Beach

Basse Terre, Guadeloupe has a lot of rugged, natural terrain with hiking trails, volcanoes, and outdoor activities. My trip was short and I am a scuba diving enthusiast so to the water I went for some up close views of the sea life of Guadeloupe. The best scuba diving and snorkeling in the area is on the Basse Terre side of the island on Pigeon Island which is directly across the water from Malendure Beach- one of the most popular beaches. Pigeon Island is home to Cousteau Marine Park, a beautiful underwater preserve The scuba dive shop, Les Heures Saines, Read More

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe

Infiniti Blue Guadeloupe is a serene ocean overlook guest house on the Basse-Terre side of the Caribbean island country. Guadeloupe is shaped like a butterfly with the flat side to the east called Grand-Terre which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the more nature, mountainous side named Basse-Terre overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Searching for accommodation in Guadeloupe was not the easiest thing. There were only a few hotels on the major websites (Expedia, Kayak) and none were part of a chain except for the sold-out Club Med. My search turned to Air B&B where I was completely overwhelmed as I know Read More