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Month: August 2016

Doing the Tourist Thing in DC

For one of the first times all summer, we had no plans for a whole Saturday. Instead of lazing around the house, we trekked down to Washington, DC to see some museums and watch the new National Parks 3D IMAX movie. Breakfast came first from the Fells Point Farmers Market in Baltimore at a little place called Diablo Donuts. The donuts here are amazing- I opted for the Old Bay caramel (sounds weird but is perfectly sweet and salty) and Blackberry basil. Our had to hold us over through our 12:15pm showing of National Parks Adventure in 3D IMAX. It Read More

Skim Boarding and Bloody Mary’s in Dewey Beach

Another summer filled with beach weekends has come to an end for me.  The summer is over early for us because of our upcoming National Park roadtrip begins in a few weeks. While we made it to Dewey Beach five (!) times this summer, it never seems like enough of this magical place. Last weekend was the Zap Amateur World Championships of Skim Boarding.  Skim boarding is a big thing in Dewey Beach so I was snapchatting it out to my followers and taking lots of photos. The championship was on my beach block too so we could see it Read More