2017 Caribbean Trip Wrap-Up

Wrap up posts are my favorite because I get to look back on all the cool stuff I did on vacation. Last month’s trip to the Caribbean included stops in the Barbados, St. Barth’s, Montserrat, and Vieques- a lot of new places for me! Here are the highlights and a few lows from the whole trip:

IMG_8861 (2)

1) Favorite Beach: La Chiva- Vieques, Puerto Rico

I loved sitting under a palm tree reading my book on La Chiva. But even better was swimming in the turquoise, calm waters. The beaches in Vieques are not crowded and so peaceful.

IMG_9591 (2)

2) Most interesting place we visited: Montserrat

IMG_9507 (2)

Visiting a place that recently experienced a catastrophic natural disaster was a first for me. The affected side of the island and the buried capital city was eerie and peaceful all at the same time.

3) Coolest Photo Spot: Shell Beach, St. Barth’s


Shell Beach was awesome! Not comfortable to walk, sit, sunbathe, or swim but so neat to see and take some great photos.

4) Best Dinner: Mofongo in Vieques

Mom and I didn’t eat out much on this trip. My favorite was the meal with the Puerto Rican specialty Mofongo- with conch. With a tasty mango margarita-like drink for extra fun!

IMG_8883 (3)

Runner up : There was an amazing lobster pizza in Bequia that made me happy.

IMG_9438 (2)

5) Best thing we did: Kayaking in the Bioluminescence Bay, Vieques

Kayaking the Bio Bay was the best thing we participated in the whole trip. When contacted by any object, glow in the dark monocytes illuminated making for an out-of-this-world experience. Unfortunately photos are almost impossible making it all the more special to have seen in person.

6) Least Favorite Thing: getting lost on Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

IMG_8768 (2)

After the hottest hike up a gigantic hill  to Fort Napoleon, I lost Mom whom I was supposed to meet at the beach near the bottom. She found the right meeting place while I found a crappy beach followed by the best beach of the cruise portion of our trip. And then I got pooped on by a rascally bird.

IMG_8773 (2)

(tie): Mom’s bad cold in Vieques

Who gets a bad cold in paradise?!  My mom.

7) Craziest Thing I did: drinking water from the springs on the side of the road in Montserrat

IMG_9497 (2)

Drinking random water coming down a hill on the side of the road because a tour guide tells you to do it, is not the smartest things to do. I automatically expected I would have some bathroom issues later but nope- I was good. And since I drank it, legend has it that I’ll someday return to Montserrat.

Overall it was a fantastic trip that included a one week cruise on a small cruise ship (Windstar Star Legend), 3 days in Barbados, and 4 days in Vieques. I learned that I really prefer small cruise ships because they can get passengers into smaller, less traveled ports and that tiny planes scare me Smile I’m going to work at being less anxious on tiny planes in the future though. Goals!


Reader Question: What was your favorite activity on vacation? Relaxing, eating, shopping, hiking, exploring, reading, watersports??? I prefer reading a book on the beach and doing active things like hiking and scuba diving.

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  1. What a wonderful trip!! I love to read but also do active stuff like exploring, hiking and snorkeling!

  2. Seriously? I can’t even. I would say that my favorite beach vacation activity is eating alll the fresh seafood!

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