2017- My Travel Year in Review

2017 checked off a few bucket list items for me including visiting all 50 United States! While I traveled extensively, it was less jam packed than in previous years,  mostly sticking to travel within the United States with only a few international trips.


(Haleakala National Park in Maui)

In January, I booked a last minute trip to Maui because of cheap flights! Sunbathing on the beach, hiking, whale watching, the drive to Hana, Women’s March, and eating all the poke on Maui made for an amazing winter getaway. Flights to Hawaii have gone down in price a lot so keep your eye out for a good fare this winter.


(Makena State Park in Maui)

February is too cold for me and my mom so we hopped off to Barbados for a  few days before boarding a Windstar Cruise to Montserrat, St. Bart’s, and some other smaller islands.

IMG_8803 (2)

(Shell Beach, St. Bart’s)

After the cruise was over we puddle-jumped to Vieques, Puerto Rico to spend some time on the most amazing, uncrowded beaches ever. I would go back to Vieques in a heartbeat!

IMG_9599 (2)


In May the North American Travel Blogger Exchange took place in Alabama- state # 48 for me. My mom, brother, and I roadtripped from Gulf Shores, through Montgomery and Birmingham before the Huntsville conference.  And I went to Space Camp!!!- Highlight of the year!

IMG_9481 (2)

I had 2 vacation days to burn over a holiday weekend at the end of June so I made a last minute decision to fly to the Canadian Rockies to visit Jasper and Banff National Parks.

IMG_0019 (1)

(Peyto Lake, Alberta)

Jasper was probably my favorite of the two but I would visit either again this year if I could! And I stayed in a tiny house in Invermere, British Columbia- another highlight of my 2017 travels!

IMG_0061 (3)

(my tiny house in Invermere)

July was a work conference combined with a roadtrip and wine country in California. San Francisco is always a good time and Healdsburg in nearby wine country was the best weekend getaway I’ve had in a long time. BC and my Yosemite plans went up in smoke (literally because of wildfires) so Redwood National Park was our backup option in a Jucy RV.

IMG_0507 (2)

(Bella Winery, Healdsburg)

A long weekend in Fargo, North Dakota brought me to visit my 49th state! I ran a race, ate some good food, and saw the sights of Fargo.

IMG_0617 (2)

(Fargo’s Red River Market)

A roadtrip around Scotland combined with an NFL game in London was the biggest trip of the year. BC and I drove to Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, and Edinburgh before traveling to London for a week to see the sights and watch our Baltimore Ravens get killed by the Jacksonville Jaguars.


(Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye)

The football game was terrible but the trip itself was amazing. I love Edinburgh and London so much! Our AirBnB in the middle of Soho in London was noisy but in the most amazing location for fun times, food, and people watching.

IMG_1102 (1)

(Tower Bridge, London)

In November a last minute Oklahoma getaway brought me to my 50th state! I had a raging bad cold for this trip so I wasn’t as fun as I normally am but I still managed to eat at the greatest waffle-concept restaurant and make it to my first NBA game!

IMG_1344 (2)

(Waffle Champion, Oklahoma City)

All that is left is to visit family in Arizona for Christmas and my travel year is complete for 2017. I have some epic plans in 2018 as my schedule just became a lot more free. I resigned from my normal 9-5 job and my last day is in 2 weeks! Next year will be filled with more amazing adventures to far-flung locales.

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, sounds like 2017 was a great year! Congrats on hitting that 50 state landmark.

  2. Whaaaa!! No more 9-5!!! That’s awesome. Can’t wait to see where you get to go in 2018.
    2017 had some great trips! I enjoyed following along.

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