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Month: March 2017

Infinity Mirrors at the Hirshhorn

The hottest ticket in Washington, DC right now is the impossible-to-get free ticket into Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institute. Every Monday at noon tickets are released, which promptly crashes the website and sells out in 2 minutes. It is crazy! You can show up to the museum at 9:30am and stand in line in hopes you score one of the walk-up tickets to see the Infinity Mirrors. I showed up at 9:45am thinking it was a Monday and who would really be out on a semi-rainy Monday. I was dumb. Don’t Read More

Birthday Fun and Not So Fun

My birthday was one to remember, not so much that it was a milestone birthday but more how the night ended. Everything started out normal with cupcakes at work. I ate two (strawberry and orange) and even with the sugar rush was very happy- they were awesome! Thanks Courtney! After work BC and I went to Parts and Labor, half butchery, half restaurant, and 100% hipster. The food was awesome! I had a peach old fashioned which was amazing! Since it was a butchery we pretty much just ate meat. Chicken wings to start, Brown sugar short rib or my entrée. Read More