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Month: June 2017

Jasper National Park

My first day in Jasper National Park was a beautiful one. The clouds of the day prior disappeared and blue skies were in abundance. Also in abundance were bears, which I saw 3 of without trying. The glacial lakes stole the show at Jasper National Park though- the clear blue-green water on a fairly warm day brought out the sunbathers on Lake Annette my favorite hike of the day. Lake Annette is about 6 miles outside Jasper town, the only town within the National Park zone and conveniently where I was spending the night. A quick 1 1/2 mile walk Read More

Starboard’s Running of the Bull

Sometimes the best traditions start off in the most random ways. Running of the Bull in Dewey Beach, Delaware has risen in popularity over the years and has been featured in USA Today and Buzzfeed. The first Running of the Bull was 21 years ago at a beach house where a bunch of friends decided to have a party and 2 friends ran around in a bull costume. From there, it progressed into a bigger and bigger party, now held at the Starboard, so big it comes with a flyover. Elvis always makes an appearance on stage with the LauraLea Read More