5 hours in Glasgow, Scotland

Friday night after work BC and I hopped a plane to London and then another to Glasgow. It was the never-ending day. After arriving in Glasgow at the Marriott hotel I booked in the City Centre we had a few hours to explore and eat before we both crashed hard from a lack of sleep. During our 5 hours in Glasgow in which we were awake, we had a great time exploring and drinking all the beer.

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Buchanan Street in Glasgow is the place to be on Saturday. Tourists and local alike walked up and down the pedestrian road. There were some interesting buildings and tons of shops but we had some tourist destinations in mind so we kept walking.

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At George’s Square there was a Scotland Independence Rally with music. The City Hall loomed over the rally in the beautiful square. At this point it starting raining (which is a normal thing here) so we just kept trucking to Cathedral Square in the Merchant City section of town.


In Merchant City there were a lot of awesome murals on the building walls. There was an art and design school nearby.

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The medieval Glasgow Cathedral was beautiful! Actually the Glasgow Cathedral is a double cathedral with two separate church spaces.

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The stained glass throughout was was favorite feature.

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The Necropolis was the #2 thing to do in Glasgow and it is a little creepy but mostly just a beautiful and serene place to honor the dead. On a hill, the tombs and crypts are in different worldly styles and makes for a pleasant walk (if you can forget you are really walking through a cemetery).

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On our way back to City Center hunger pains struck and who knew this was going to be the most challenging part of our day! Luckily Glasgow is with the times and offers free WIFI so I was able to search Google Maps for good places to eat nearby. We tried 3 different places with no luck- apparently everyone in Glasgow eats at 5pm on Saturday. The fourth place we tried, Brewdog Bar and Brewery had a table if we shared with others. No problem- at this point I was getting the hangries (hungry + angry).

My beer sampler was awesome as was BC’s IPA pint. I had a double IPA, grapefruit IPA, Scottish Ale (of course), and a Framboise. I loved them all except for the double IPA (too strong!) so I handed that off to BC and took a few sips of his regular IPA.

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We split a burger and halloumi fries.  The burger was good but the halloumi fries were so amazing we ordered another order of them. Halloumi is cheese- so they were like mozzarella sticks but less stringy and heavy.


I was ready to fall asleep at the table (5 hours time difference plus hardly any sleep on the plane) so we grabbed our check and walked down the hopping Argyle Street.

BC and I made the most of our 5 hours in Glasgow and saw some good sights while getting a feel for the city. We are off to the Scottish countryside next!

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Those halloumi fries sound amazing! I look forward to hearing more about Scotland 🙂 I’ve always wanted to explore there and was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Edinburgh once but that’s it.

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