A Day in Mendocino, California

Mendocino ended up being the best surprise of the whole trip! I have heard of Mendocino prior to this trip but didn’t know anything about it and don’t know anyone who has been here. Sunny skies, friendly natives, delicious food, amazing views, and opera music made it very memorable.

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Unbeknownst to us, the big Mendocino Music Festival was going on while we were there. Instead of paying for tickets to get inside the music tents, we wandered around outside while an amazing opera singer performed or was practicing, either way it was pretty cool.

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As we listened to opera BC decided to take a rest in the most relaxing napping spot ever:

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The coastline in Mendocino is seriously beautiful.

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We stumbled on the little Mendocino Farmer’s Market right at opening time but didn’t make any purchases.

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I purchased some boot socks in one of the adorable stores (boot socks go under tall boots and stick out the top to change up their look at keep your feet warm). BC bought a hat. But his favorite shopping stop was at the wood store. It was a store that sold all different kinds of wood. It was a very fun place to see.

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We both purchased an amazing breakfast at the GoodLife Bakery and Café. I ordered a garlic bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese and they actually put roasted garlic on the bagel.  It was creamy and delicious and not at all pungent.

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BC won the food order though with his mammoth-sized breakfast burrito.

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We sat outside in the sun and listening to the crazy tourist couple next to us yell at each other about what they ordered and should have gotten something else because of cholesterol, fiber count, and being hungry too soon.  How about we just all order what we want- okay?  I’m glad BC and I are not like that!

IMG_0261 (2)IMG_0249

A few miles outside of town is the Point Cabrillo Light Station and the former lighthouse keepers’ homes. The cluster of cute cottages are  rentable for the week and have gorgeous coastline views of course.  The lighthouse itself is a museum and and the light still shines bright giving sailors their bearings.

IMG_9342 (2)

BC made friends with the lighthouse curator and she told us a bunch of ghost stories about the lighthouse and the cottages. She’s seen the lighthouse ghost a few times. The ghost didn’t come say “hello” to us.

Mendocino was a fantastic daytrip- I wish we could have stayed another day and actually have visited the music festival and eaten and eaten another burrito. Mendocino is really eclectic and fun.

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Reader Question: Have you ever been to Mendocino or heard of it? Are you are breakfast burrito fan?

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