Day in Mystic Connecticut- Mystic Pizza


Mystic, Connecticut is a great weekend stop for those in the Northeast United States.  It is a good 6 hour drive for those of us from Baltimore but it is a good stop on your way to/from Newport, RI or on a roadtrip to Maine or Boston.  When you are planning your summer roadtrip, consider adding Mystic, CT as either a good place to overnight or stop in for an afternoon walk and the famous delicious Mystic Pizza.

Mystic Connecticut harbor

Mystic is a smaller, quaint New England town. It is famous for the movie Mystic Pizza with a young Julia Roberts.  It is actually a good movie full of teenage/young adult angst. Besides the pizza there is a shipyard for tourists to visit where ship builders still build boats.

Mystic Connecticut Ship Builders

Honestly, it costs $20+ to get into the tourist site and it wasn’t worth it. It is still an in-use shipyard which was cool but overall was not worth the high price.

Mystic Connecticut Ship Builders 2

Walking along the water, visiting the shops, and eating at Mystic Pizza makes for a good day.

Mystic Connecticut Seaport 2

I used Hotwire to secure a room at a nearby Comfort Inn for the night for a mere $65.  Mystic is a good, cheap overnight stop (if you don’t do the touristy thing) to eat some good food and rest before you set out on the next leg of a roadtrip.

Mystic Connecticut boats

A long walk on the water and some shopping got me in the mood to eat some grub. Across the bridge from the shipyard is the other half of Mystic where the pizza lies.

Mystic Connecticut Mystic Pizza

The highlight of Mystic was the delicious Mystic Pizza.  I ordered the regular with mushrooms and onions.  It has a buttery crust that was slightly thicker than most East Coast pizza.

Mystic Pizza Mystic Connecticut

Of course they were playing the movie Mystic Pizza on a loop in the restaurant.

Mystic Connecticut Mystic Pizza The Movie

I’m glad I stopped in to see what Mystic was all about. I will be back for more pizza on my next roadtrip in the Northeast.

Mystic Connecticut lighthouse

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4 Responses

  1. Lean Lena says:

    This place looks very cute! Now you made me want to watch the movie, too 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by at the Tasty Tuesday Linkup this week 🙂

  2. Chaitali says:

    I loved that movie! I didn’t realize this was a real place you could go to. Now I want to try it 🙂

  3. Tara Lepore says:

    Oh man, I’ve never been but now I want that pizza! Mmmm.

  4. Aaron @ says:

    I have a blog too called I have different pizza recipes.
    I know how to make pizza, but to perfectionate my technique I bought the book of Gabriele Bonci called “Pizza”. He is like the Michelangelo of pizza making. If you want to make the very best pizza, try some of his recipes!

    He has a pizza al taglio restaurant in Rome, called Pizzarium. I’ve been there, and the pizzas are amazing!! If you don’t know what pizza al taglio is, it’s pizza by slice. It’s a growing trend also here in Oslo.

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