A Food Tour in Toronto


After my non-exciting Megabus journey from Baltimore to Toronto (13 hours- yikes!), I arrived ready for some action.  TBEX travel blogging conference and Toronto Tourism organized a lot of different tours for bloggers to partake in to show off all that Toronto has to offer visitors.  I was supposed to go kayaking but my late bus made me miss it.  Instead I was able to snag a cancellation spot in the food tour!  Luckily I had neglected breakfast. Culinary Adventure Company is run by Chef Scott.  He is a chef, not in the tourism industry so the tour itself was really focused on food.

Food Tour in Toronto

The group boarded the bus to the Leslieville and Riverside sections of town.  Now for the food porn:  Our first stop was to a shop for some butter tart.

Food tour in Toronto butter tarts

Butter tart tasted just like pecan pie filling in a buttery crust.  It was messy, delicious, and almost sent me into a sugar coma.  I love pecan pie so I devoured this with no problem.

The St. Johns Bakery was a fun little stop.  The owner gave us some tastings of the cilantro and potato bread, ginger cookie, lemon scone, and olive bread.  It was about 120 degrees in the bakery (because they bake on sight and don’t have air conditioning) so I hustled through my bread tasting.  If I would have been heading to Baltimore soon I totally would have purchased the olive bread- it was better than my normal Baltimore Farmer’s Market options.

Food Tour in Toronto St Johns Bakery


Random photo:  Down the beat up alley was the Royal Canadian Curling Club.  Curling is such a funny sport to me but it is played on ice so I’m sure Canadians love it.


Hooked is a fish shop with a conscience.  The carbon footprint is not small but they only work with small fisheries so they know exactly where the fish comes from and how it is caught.  Also they only carry smaller fish of any variety as to limit the amount of mercury.

Toronto 051


My favorite food of the day was here, pastrami arctic char.  Sounds weird but it was delicious.  It looked more like a smoked salmon with old bay on it but it was pastrami seasonings on arctic char.  I would have purchased this too to go on top of my olive bread had I been needing some lunch.

Food Tour in Toronto pastrami arctic charFood Tour in Toronto pastrami arctic char 2

We tasted olive oil in shot form from the olive oil store.  That was weird.  Not my favorite tasting.

Food Tour in Toronto olive oil tasting

We really did this like a shot.  My lips were very smooth afterwards but it tasted like grass.

It was a pretty store though.


The wine tasting was also not my cup of tea.  The white wine was fairly good but I really don’t like white wine much so I didn’t enjoy it to its fullest potential.  The red wine was just bad.  I found out that I’m not much of a fan of Ontario wines.


There is a brand of wine with legs on the labels that are very fun!


On the tour we walked by De Grassi Street twice.  The name is the inspiration for the Degrassi TV series and books.


Ed’s Ice Cream was our dessert stop.  I had the highly recommended Maple Bacon ice cream.  It was very good, needed to be saltier, but my other tour mates had the Burnt Marshmallow which they loved.


Food Tour in Toronto maple bacon icecream

The final stop was a new one for the tour.  A new restaurant- Tabule on Queen- had just opened for a lunch service that very day and they needed some guinea pigs.  Our chef/tour operator is well known in the area so our services were offered.  It was great!  If I lived in Toronto I would go back here in a second.

The chef was a very attractive man 🙂

Food Tour in Toronto Tabule cute chef

We had hummus, baba ganoush, and tabbouleh:

Food Tour in Toronto Tabule mezze

Roasted cauliflower:

Food Tour in Toronto Tabule roasted cauliflour

I was a big fan of the eggplant:

Food Tour in Toronto Tabule eggplant

My second favorite dish of the day besides the pastrami arctic char was this Lebanese-style beef carpaccio:

Food Tour in Toronto Tabule Lebanese carapaccio

The fabulous Pomegranate-date mojito:  I’ve never had date syrup or dates in a drink before but it worked, especially on this hot, sunny day.

Toronto pomegranete mojito

After all this I had to waddle back to my hotel and didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day.  If you are coming to Toronto and need a fun tour check out the Culinary Adventure Tour website and see if you can fit it in to your trip.  This food tour in Toronto was a lot of fun and filled with good eats!

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  1. Erica says:

    I’m so sad I missed my tour due to a flight delay. This one looked like a lot of fun!

    • Andrea says:

      It was fun and delicious! I was jealous of the people who came in a day early or stayed later and got to do even more tours. Toronto is an exciting city.

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