A Mid-Atlantic July

This July I stayed fairly close to home (for me). Baltimore in the summer is a fun and exciting place to be. While we have gotten quite a lot of bad press coverage lately, every city has it’s issues and Baltimore is no different. However, my city is an amazing place to live and don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise.

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But this is Andrea on Vacation of course and I did end up going to the beach for a week for BC’s 50th birthday in the Outer Banks, a ladies wine weekend in Leesburg, VA, and a mid-week jaunt to Ocean City with my brother visiting from Iowa. July was a fun month in my little spot on the globe.

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The highlight for me was Billy Joel at Camden Yards. I ended up buying a resale ticket at a cheaper rate that ended up being a great seat! Billy Joel is such a good performer and he played most of my favorite songs in his set list.

Dinner at Camden Yards consisted of Loose Cannon IPA and crab dip fries. That is about as Maryland as you can get.

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My brother came to visit a few weeks ago and we ate as much seafood as we could before setting off on a short mid-week jaunt to Ocean City and Assateague Island.

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The wild horses almost accosted by brother in the parking lot! I jumped in the boot of my car to avoid them. The horses were out and about munching on the greenery.

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The beach at Assateague Island National Seashore is beautiful. We walked the shoreline for a bit before hopping back into the car and driving 20 minutes to Ocean City, Maryland.

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In Ocean City we hit the beach again, staying right along the boardwalk at the inexpensive Wellington Hotel (mid-week it is cheap at least). Ocean City’s Boardwalk is deceptively long. I smartly wore my sneakers but my brother’s feet were killing him in his flip flops by the 3rd mile.


My favorite ahi tuna burrito from Shotti’s in Ocean City for me, a crabcake sandwich for my brother (when in Maryland, always order the crab).

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For BC’s 50th birthday mid-July, we stayed in a gigantic beach house with 14 friends in Corolla, North Carolina in the Outer Banks. It was a pretty fun vacation.

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On the way down we stopped at a hole-in-the-wall joint in Waldorf, Maryland called Lefty’s BBQ for some grub. And it was to die for. BC and I split a brisket sandwich, ribs, coleslaw, and garlic fried cabbage (which sounds weird but was totally amazing and would order it again in a second!). Lefty was on the grill and his granddaughter was our waitress. Super-great place!

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We stayed with a friend in Chesapeake, VA and walked around the Norfolk Harbor before setting off to the Outer Banks.

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We had a pool in the backyard which was awesome late in the day, after we were beached out but not yet ready to be done outside.

20190715_161311 (2)

The birthday boy resting in his hammock/cocoon:


Once sunset had come and gone we did an absurd amount of puzzles, picked crabs, and drank cocktails.

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Five people went deep sea fishing one day and brought us 100 lbs. of tuna and wahoo. We had tuna sashimi, tuna poke, wahoo fish sticks, tuna fried rice, and fish tacos everyday from then on. I’ve never eaten so well.

One night we even picked crabs at the dinner table.

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Our ladies weekend around Leesburg, Virginia was a fun time. I was the designated driver on wine touring day (on purpose, I don’t love Virginia wine) but I still got plenty of tasting in with all the bottles bought and brought back to our AIrBnB.


A very fun weekend for us all.

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Back in Baltimore I did Baltimore things. The library book sale provided a haul of 10 books for $5! A win for this book nerd. And of course crabcakes, shrimp, oysters and more. No boring summer meals here!

20190630_132954 (2)20190604_182306

Also Hamilton! It was such a smart musical. If you are a fan of the West Wing- this is right up your alley.


My mid-Atlantic July was a fun one! I have planned a mostly Baltimore August in an effort to make the most of all of Baltimore’s summer happenings. There may be a daytrip or two to some close Eastern US spots but we will see, I have nothing planned at the moment.

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    Sounds like a fun July! I agree, I love Hamilton. Such a great musical.

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