A Quick Kitchen Update


This is a kitchen update for those who are interested in our Baltimore Kitchen demo and renovation. Now we have painted walls and a real floor! BC worked hard at doing a complicated herringbone pattern.  It turned out pretty cool but man- it took 3 times as long as just laying them side by side would have taken.


Measuring and cutting all the tiles was a long and complicated process.  BC did pretty good except in one spot there ended up being a pretty big gap but it will be covered up by the peninsula.

Cyrus likes to be in all pictures.  He is a diva.


Looking good!


I helped repaint the walls.  We painted it a bright blue color at first but it was way too bright.  On an exciting Friday night date we went to Home Depot and picked out this blue-grey color which turned out just right.  We did leave the bright blue in the laundry room.  It went well with the room in there.

Up next is cabinet installation on this blank wall.  He tells me we are starting that tonight- here’s hoping!


I’m getting excited to see the finished product! That is all for this kitchen update.  More to come soon.

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  1. Mariah says:

    WOW that tile looks amazing! (We regularly do the romantic Friday night home depot dates too.)

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