A Rainy Memorial Day Weekend at the Beach

Memorial Day Weekend at the beach is always a crowded affair, with double the drive time. This year was no exception except for the fact the Delaware beaches were nearly empty because of the cold, rainy weather on Saturday and Sunday.  Friday was a different story, it was warm and sunny so I went for a run to Rehoboth Beach the moment we arrived.


A 5 mile run along the boardwalk and beach streets was great people watching and the height of my Vitamin D consumption for the weekend.  BC and I went to dinner at Gary’s Dewey Beach Grill while we waited for our other housemates to arrive.

IMG_9655 (3)

Waiting on the porch patiently for our friends to arrive:


And set up our room for the summer:

IMG_9675 (2)

Later that night my beach house friends and I set off for the Bottle and Cork to see Go Go Gadjet, my favorite cover band. They added a new woman singer so they can perform more female vocals and songs, which I love!

IMG_9657 (2)

With my musicians’ earplugs in place we had a great time dancing and catching up. Apparently someone else did too- they left their panties behind!!!! ick!


The discarded panties always seemed to end up finding us on the dance floor time and time again, like they were following us.

The next morning was filled with coffee on the porch and updating the beach house’s new Instagram account. Following us here: https://www.instagram.com/deweysummahouse/

IMG_9671 (2)

The beach on Saturday was a miss. The weather turned windy and chilly quite fast. I ended up reading my new book (and old book but new to me!) One Hundred Years of Solitude.

IMG_9665 (2)

and watching the lifeguards practice their live-saving skills:

IMG_9667 (2)IMG_9669 (2)

There was an open house for a couple of condos a block away from our place and everyone wanted to check it out. Here is BC contemplating life on the porch with amazing beach views!

IMG_9660 (2)

But the inside of the condo was not too nice and the structure of the building may our may not have been sound so no one made any beach condo purchases.

Instead of going out and about on the town we stayed in and made family dinner with chicken kabobs, asparagus, and some yummy strawberry cake. It was a low key Saturday in Dewey for sure.

IMG_9670 (2)

The rest of the weekend was cold and rainy but still so much fun. And too many orange crushes at Suicide Sunday at the Starboard of course. I was able to get a little more beach time in this weekend between storms by walking around with my coffee from the new coffee place.

IMG_9674 (2)

Even though the weather did not hold up, it was still a really great weekend in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

What did you do over Memorial Day Weekend? Did you go anywhere or staycation?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Glad you managed to have fun in spite of the rain! We just had a little staycation for the weekend. We’re usually traveling over Memorial Day weekend so it was a nice change to have a relaxing weekend at home. That story about the discarded panties following you around was pretty funny 🙂

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