A Snowy Day in Glacier National Park

Since yesterday could not have gone better in Glacier National Park, we figured things were going to take a turn for the worst. Our second day in Glacier started out great with sunny skies and and a delicious breakfast at Apgar Village in the form of a breakfast burrito.


After breakfast we hit up the gift shop/general store in Apgar and was warned that there was an approaching storm which was calling for snow- great Sad smile

The plan for the day was to drive up to Logan’s Pass and hike the amazing 11 mile long Highline Trail. If it was going to happen we had to leave immediately, so we did. Approaching Logan’s pass, it started to pour rain so we quickly ran into the Visitor’s Center there only to find this information.

IMG_7203 (2)


We hightailed it in Betty, our Jucy van higher and higher up in the mountains to pass to the other side of Glacier before they closed the road. Remember, there is only 1 road (the Going to the Sun Road) traveling across Glacier so if we got stuck, it would entail hours and hours more driving to see the rest of the park.


The snow crept in and blanketed 5000 ft. elevation and over (which is most everything).  Man, it was cold. We drove through Glacier carefully ending up in St. Mary’s, the very most eastern point of the park. It was a good thing we did because more snow fell than was expected and they did close Going to the Sun Road.

BC and I had a choice to make- campground in freezing rain and snow or a more expensive heated option. I apparently left my big girl pants at home and drove for the nearest hotel.  But of course everyone else had the same idea.  They were all full (except for one $350/night room- no thanks!). A nearby KOA had a heated cabin for $90 plus tax so this little guy became our home for the night.


We drove to Many Glacier to see the sights which were probably way more spectacular in the sun.

IMG_8634 (3)

There were some cows on the road to make the drive even more interesting.

IMG_8640 (2)

Dinner in the warm Rising Sun Pizza restaurant was the highlight of the evening:

IMG_7211 (2)

The next morning we drove to the Two Medicine section of Glacier National Park and hiked Aster Falls and Running Eagle Falls.

Running Eagle Falls:

IMG_8643 (2)

Do I look chilly because I really was!

IMG_7236 (2)

The hike to Aster Falls was like hiking in a winter wonderland. The trees smelled like Christmas and the snow completed the effect. It was a beautiful hike.

IMG_7249 (2)

Despite the terrible weather day, we managed to make the most of Glacier. I can’t say we saw and did everything I wanted to but it was a good effort and an awesome place to visit.


Reader question: Have you hiked in the snow ever? Did you love it or would you rather be hanging out by a warm fire?

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  1. Oh my!! What a different world from NC right now! This really looks like an amazing trip!

  2. Chaitali says:

    Your photos look stunning! It sounds like you made the best of the bad weather. I would have voted for warm accommodations in that type of weather too. The cabin looks really cute.

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