A Walk through the Rice Fields


Today the group went walking through the rice fields in Ubud.  Holy hotness! I got lectured today by the guide for not wearing a hat.  Apparently he thinks I’m going to melt too.

Let me take you through the walk like you were there too.  So grab your laptop or iPad and go sit in front of the fire, heat vent, or under an electric blanket so you can feel the heat and get the full effect.

Ubud2 001

Fun fact: Rice here is planted 3 times per year for about 2 1/2 months each time before being harvested.

We saw a rich family’s compound and an average family’s compound.  They let random tourists come in because they are nice and want us to buy things from their shops outside.  Here is the wealthy family’s main gate with my fabulous mug.

Ubud2 005

Here is the typical family’s main gate:

Ubud2 009

Families live together in a compound, not a house, that can have many buildings including separate living quarters, kitchen, rice storehouse, and temple.

Mr. Elephant has a Hindu name and is the Hindu god of magic or reincarnation…the guide’s English was pretty good but he could not explain this very well to us at all.

Ubud2 003

Random photo as we kept walking:

Ubud2 002

Giant, scary spider!  This guy’s body was as big as my fist.

Ubud2 010

Time for a Diet Coke break.  Nice view.


Then we wandered through rice fields in Ubud for a while.  When I think of Bali this is what I picture.

Ubud2 012 Ubud2 014  Ubud2 016 Ubud2 017 Ubud2ricefields2

We stumbled upon some caged roosters (?) that we assumed were used for food.  Wrong:  they are used for cock fighting.  The guide explained to us that it was okay because they needed the losers’ blood for a sacrifice ritual and they won’t use human blood.  Way too much information for me, but thanks.


More walking:

Ubud2 023

Ubud2 025

And finally we were done.  There were two older women on the trip that refused to move from a shaded bench for at least 30 minutes so we wandered and found a high school dance contest.

Ubud2 027

It was a lot of fun and all the kids were talking to us trying to practice their English.

After our 30 minutes of rest we immediately went back to the hotel and jumped in the nice, cold pool.  The End.

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