A Wine-Filled Afternoon in Sonoma

After a much-needed lunch the group drove over to Arrowood.  The only reason why we stopped here was because it was close to the wineries we wanted to visit (Benzinger and Imagery) and we had a 2 for 1 wine tasting coupon.


The 2 for 1 coupons saved us a lot of money.  The apps named Daily Sip and Winery Finder were the two I used the most. To receive the discount you must check in on Facebook or Twitter and occasionally post a photo of you at the vineyard.  Wine tastings range from $10-25 per person, which adds up over the course of a wine-tasting day.

Arrowood Winery was a bust.  It was everyone’s least favorite of the trip.  The wines were just not very tasty.  We sat on the porch and soaked up the rays of sunshine while looking out over the vines of Arrowood.  This part was fabulous, the wine was not.  They can’t all be winners.


Imagery Winery was our last stop of the day.  It is open slightly later than the others (closes at 5pm instead of 4pm) so we saved it for last.  This was a must-see/taste winery.


Most people are guilty of choosing wine at the store based on their label.  I bet Imagery gets a lot of extra business just from their labels. Each label is a custom work by a local artist. The one requirement that Imagery places on the artist is to hide the Greek-looking structure on the hill on  the Benzinger estate.  We spent a quite a bit of time searching out the secret building on each label.  A fun, drinking activity.


They also had a lot of different kinds of wine that we didn’t see at any other wineries in Napa or Sonoma- Barbera, Mourverde, Blends, Sangiovese, Moscato and more. My favorite reds were the Barbera and Mourverde.  Imagery also had port.  And they served it in a fancy sippy cup with built-in glass straw.


Basically we drank a lot of wine today.  Krista and I decided to do some relaxing while we waited for the others to make their purchases. Had I not packed for this trip in a carry-on, I probably would have purchased a few bottles here too.


Imagery would have been a cool place to spend an entire afternoon and have a picnic outside. If you are coming to Sonoma add Imagery to your wine tour plans. Also, get a driver for the day!


Napa Valley is coming up next!!!

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