Absinthe in Jackson Square

After a good sleep-in following our night on Bourbon Street, we woke up for some brunch, shopping, and exploring Jackson Square.

NOLA Jackson square horse carriages

Our original brunch choice was Stanley had a 90 minute wait so we popped into NOLA Grille. A counter diner, it hit the spot while being nice to our budgets.  The best part was the butter is a squirt bottle.


Holy crap you could feel your cholesterol rising by just being near the stuff.  My friends used it on their waffles and toast.  My omelet didn’t need any butter so I didn’t get to experience its awesomeness.


We wandered around a bit checking out all the artwork lined up along the fence around the courtyard. I found a giant red painting I wanted to buy but getting it home would have been a problem. A lot of the artists sit right there and are painting right on the sidewalk.  I’m sure not everyones’ wares were authentic but many were.

NOLA Jackson square art

My favorite part was the music. There were many bands sitting on benches that played jazz, blues, and fun dance music.  The guy below with the cane was rocking out.


The group forced the men to do some shopping.  I ended up purchasing this amazing t-shirt on the left that shall be named: Cats on Pizza.  It was a tough decision between Cats on Pizza and Cats on Donuts.


Since you are in New Orleans, all hours of the day are spent with a cocktail.  A friend who lived there suggested we drink some Absinthe in Jackson Square. We ended up at a random pirate bar called Pirates Alley Bar where Absinthe was the specialty.  They used the old machines to sweeten the Absinthe with sugar and then add water to make it cloudy.

Absinthe poured on top of sugar cubes:

Absinthe in Jackson Square Pirates Alley Bar

Adding water:

Pirates Alley Absinthe in Jackson Square

The finished product:

Absinthe in Jackson Square

Actually Absinthe is gross! It tastes like black licorice and was so not good!  I drank maybe one-fourth of the glass and left it behind.  A fun process but not a fun drink. I will be skipping the Absinthe in Jackson Square drinking experience next time!

More from Bourbon St. and delicious New Orleans food coming up next!!!

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