I went to Spacecamp!

Did you want to go to Spacecamp as a kid? Is space something you love learning about? As an adult all of my childhood dreams came true when I was able to go to Adult Spacecamp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

IMG_9472 (2)

A group of bloggers from the TBEX North America convention, held this year in Huntsville, were able to go to Spacecamp and experience the awesomeness that is Adult Spacecamp and learning more about the United States space exploration past and future.

First up we were assigned to our posts. I volunteered for the coveted spot of Mission Specialist 1. Mission Specialists were the ones who got to leave the orbiter to make sure the heat shield was in good condition for re-entry. A failure in my mission would result in the destruction of my crew and orbiter.

Adult Spacecamp inside the orbiter

The team practiced with mission control (our other team members) in Houston and in Florida (Florida is in charged of pre-liftoff up to 7 seconds post-liftoff, then Houston takes over).  Then we got down to business. My mission specialist 2 is big into snapchat so we were really terrible mission control specialists.

Adult Spacecamp going on a mission

Once it was our turn to leave the orbiter and don our space suits we got to work on our mission.

Adult Spacecamp mission specialist

Flying above the ground in zero gravity- really we were hoisted up on ropes- we fixed any damage so we could return to Earth safely. Mission accomplished!


The rest of the day we spent in many areas of the US Space and Rocket Center learning about engines, life in space, the science involved in rocket technology, and about other planets- Mars in particular.

IMG_9832 (2)

The new goal of NASA is to get to Mars by 2020 or at least have the initial steps and test launches completed. Stronger and faster rockets are needed for Mars when compared with the moon and the journey all together (there, back, and on Mars) will take around 9 months to complete.

IMG_9828 (2)

Dancing on Pluto simulator:

IMG_9471 (2)

Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel was also filming that day at Spacecamp so I snuck a few photos!

IMG_9761 (2)_LI

The most hilarious part about Spacecamp was the Multi Axis Trainer. We each took our turn twirling about the in the machine. Surprisingly I did not get sick. Even though it kind of looks like I am here!


Apparently if you keep your eyes open and head back the way you move, with your stomach centered helps prevent too much motion sickness. Two out of 13 felt ill after but I wasn’t one of them. Yay for me!

Here I am in Vicki Winter’s Snap:

My day at Spacecamp was awesome! The US Space and Rocket Center offers adult spacecamp for 3-4 days and costs $549 for 3 days and $649 for 4 days. There is a campground on the grounds and fun things to do in Huntsville nearby if you’d rather just visit the museums and see the rockets. If you have the urge, check it out!

Reader Question: Did you have big aspirations as a kid to go to Spacecamp? Would you go as an adult?

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