Africa and Aberdare National Park, Kenya


Welcome to beautiful Africa! Going on an African safari has been on my to-do list since I first started my “sabbatical”.  Finally, I’m getting down to it. I chose my safari tour based on itinerary. I was trying to hit as much as I can in Kenya and Tanzania in 2 weeks.  Then I put on my crazy pants and signed up for a 6 day trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.


This is my first time to Africa so everything was a new experience for me.  Like our safari jeep says:  Pack Your Curiosity.  And I did.


My safari was a comfort tour through G Adventures that starts in Nairobi, Kenya and ends in Arusha, Tanzania.  A comfort tour means that it costs more $$$ but you get nicer amenities. I admit I was a little uneasy about doing an overland camping tour. I don’t know anyone who has done of before in Africa to ask what they thought about camping and the facilities.  Plus, I like to sleep in beds.


Aberdare National Park in Kenya is our first stop. It is only a few hours from Nairobi down some African massage roads (read: very bumpy!). It is a small but intimate park where we did not have to compete with other safari-goers.  For the most part, we never saw anyone on our game drives.

Aberdare National Park sign

As this was our first safari stop we were really excited about everything.  The biggest safari goal is to see all of the Big 5- lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, and leopard.  So when the elephants emerged from the trees we were very happy!

Elephant in Aberdare National Park

Elephant tusks Aberdare National Park

Elephants everywhere! (#1 of the Big 5)


Pumba! (warthogs)


Buffalo: (#2 out of the Big 5)




Baboons on a date:

Baboons holding hands in Aberdare National Park

There were so many animals! Our guide told us it gets even better after we leave Aberdare National Park and head into the Masi Mara Reserve.

After our animal-viewing extravaganza at Aberdare National Park we headed back to the lodge for some very delicious grub.

Pumpkin soup to start:


Soup is a staple when on safari and in Africa in general.  There is hardly a meal where soup isn’t erved first.  A lot of soup is made from pumpkin or some kind of gourd.

Green beans, rice, and some delicious BBQ chicken:


Our lodge was called the very new Rhino Watch Lodge and was so charming.  The lodges on African Safari are usually tents with a foundation and built-in plumbing.



Dining room:


My roommate Younca and I buried ourselves deep in the covers at night because it was freezing cold!!!! I wore my ski hat to bed. Tents do not make for warm sleeps.  But the shower was so hot it made up for the frigid night.


Impressions so far:

1) Kenya is lot greener than what I pictured.

2) East African food is delicious!

3) Elephants are the coolest.

4) I’m not sure I brought enough warm clothes.

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  1. Mariah says:

    Soooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooool. So cool!

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    Oh I am SOOOOOO jealous!
    P.S. Elephants are the coolest 🙂

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