Ahh! Sharks!


Today we are in Raiatea, the 2nd biggest island of the Society Islands.  While mom was off on a sightseeing adventure through some jungle I decided to go scuba diving.  French Polynesia is well-known for good scuba diving sites.  In the brochure most advertised seeing lots of sharks.  I am of the population that has seen Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3, and even Jaws the Revenge.  Not recommended for anyone who ever wants to swim in the ocean ever again.  But so far in life I have overcome watching Jaws and have had fun scuba diving with no close encounters.

That all changed today…

TahitiIsland 043

We stop the boat to start our dive and immediately a half dozen sharks swim right up to the boat.  For some reason the guide thinks I’m the first one who should go in the water.  Yeah right buddy!  He assures me they will not eat me and are in fact small, nice sharks.

TahitiIsland 044

I didn’t want to be a baby so I went in.  And I’m still alive to tell the tale so they did not eat me.  yay!  About 10 sharks circled us on the entire dive and would not leave us alone.  They weren’t mean way until the end when they knew we were leaving, they just wanted to hang out.  It was so weird.  I’ve never been so speedy exiting the water before!

And then I drank beer for lunch.

TahitiIsland 046

(Sarah- do you remember this kind from Australia? I was excited when I saw it again!)

Beer for lunch= definitely on vacation.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I do remember… YUM!!!!

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