Air and Space Museum- Washington, DC


Yesterday I took a break from Baltimore and took the commuter train into DC. The commuter train takes about an hour to get from Baltimore to Union Station in DC and costs a mere $7.  Way better than driving! DC traffic and parking is never to be taken lightly.


My first stop on my self-guided Smithsonian Tour was to the Air and Space Museum- my very favorite museum!!!


The outside of the Air and Space museum is actually pretty boring, save this one star sculpture. But inside is filled with fun, replicas, full scale models, and in some cases the real live flying machine.

This is the 2nd Apollo lunar module.  They made 2 in case the first one didn’t complete the mission. Smart thinking NASA.


The grand entrance with all the flying machines:


Rockets and space travel area:


My favorite exhibit in the museum is Discovering the Planets.  Pluto is still included on some of the displays but they do explain that there are only 8 planets now because Pluto was downgraded.  Poor Pluto.


The exhibit also shows new footage from machine explorers out in space.  Did you know that there is a non-manned spacecraft called the Voyager 1 that has just reached the edge of the solar system and is moving out into interstellar space.  The Voyager 1 is the first man-made object to be sent that far and is still sending back data to NASA.  Neat!

This artwork completed by Angela Palmer is titled Searching for Goldilocks, a common phrase for astronomers looking for another planet like Earth in a habitable zone- not too cold, not too hot, just right- like Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.


Search out this piece in the Air and Space museum if you get the chance, it is really fun and is supposed to look like the images of space that Hubble sends back of other planets and stars.

More from Washington, DC coming up!

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